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Kelly Bumford

Producer / Line producer / UPM

Kelly Bumford is a Los Angeles-based Producer and member of the Producers Guild of America. Her work has taken her to 22 states and 10 countries.


She has experience in all ends of production from documentaries, to network TV series, indie narrative feature films, travel shows, and live events.

Most recently, she wrapped the Netflix feature documentary The Saint of Second Chances (Dir. Morgan Neville, premiering Sept 2023), and has been working with Indian Paintbrush (known for Asteroid City, The Grand Budapest Hotel) on their new online film club, Galerie.


When she's not working, you can usually find her behind a pottery wheel or traveling solo around the world.


Netflix, Hulu, FOX, Facebook Watch, Bravo, MTV, VH1, NBC, OWN, Quibi (RIP)... and more!

Production companies

Tremolo Productions, Indian Paintbrush, Radical Media Disarming Films, hitRECord, Participant Media, Popsugar, Red Bull...and more!


Budgets, Cash Flows, Cost Reports/Tracking, Movie Magic Budgeting


SAG/IATSE/DGA Contracts, Working with A-List Talent


Script Breakdowns, Shooting Schedules, Movie Magic Scheduling


Dom./Int. Travel Shoots, Carnets, Tech Savvy, Gear Vendor Relationships

Spreadsheet Wizard


Post Workflow

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